Thursday, March 31, 2011

Driving North on Oahu

Today we took off up Highway 83 around the eastern edge of the island of Oahu, driving as far as the North Shore, then back around through the Dole pineapple fields to Pearl City before heading east over the pali back to Kialua. It was a fun drive, great weather in the early afternoon, but we got soaked at Wiamea Bay by a sudden tropical downpour. I love dark chocolate-coated macadamia nuts!! They are sooooooo good.

This was a small beach park popular with body surfers just south of Laie. Don't know why the kids like it - it's like an angry version of Bethany, 6-ft waves that smash right on the beach in 6-inches of water,or into the rocks - take you pick. Must be the challenge of it all.

The Hawai'i Temple is probably the most beautiful building on the North Shore. We walked all through the gardens and went to the Visitor Center to watch a brief film about the history of the Church's growth in and around Laie. Sure makes you believe in modern prophets.

We drove around Oahu this afternoon and stopped in at Sunset Beach Park, where the surf was breaking over 10-feet, with some waves up to 15-feet. It was really something to watch the guys out riding these big swells.

Hawaiian Vacation

So for the first time in a long time, Reed and I are actually taking a REAL vacation!! We are not visiting family, taking family, or work. It is just the 2 of us and we are in Hawaii!! Yesterday, after we landed we drove around Oahu to the windward side to stay in the town of Kailua. We are staying at an bed and breakfast in a residential area.

Hey, I'm on vacation!!

We spent the day in the water and walking on the beach. I am learning that Hawaii is much closer to the equator than Bethany Beach and so I need to use LOTS of sunscreen. The water is soooo warm and gentle and CLEAR! Today, after our walk on the beach we are going to do some sightseeing. We have never spent much time on Oahu, so I have been asking lots of questions and Reed is perusing his geology book. Should be fun!!

This is the view from our little bed and breakfast room!!
I have also discovered that Reed likes Large, bold Hawaiian prints!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Evergreen Air Museum

A shot of the Spruce Goose.

Today we went to the Evergreen Air Museum. Jessica had originally wanted to take Keegan on a hike. That became a hike for all of us, but the weather intervened. So we decided to try the air museum instead. We all met up at the air museum and spent the day looking at different aircraft. One of the highlights for me was the tour of the B-17. We were able to go inside where volunteers explained to us how it operated and how different crew members performed their tasks. Our volunteer had actually flown in a B-24 during the war. He was able to show us some photos of his crew and shared some of his experiences. He was the one who sat in the gun turret UNDER the plane! He showed us how the turret worked and talked about what it was like to be in there. He shared one experience of when he had appendicitis that caused him to be pulled from a mission. That particular mission, the crew was shot down and the guy in the turret who had taken his place was killed that day. Over and over he reminded us that he was only 18 and that most of the crew was between 18 and 21. The oldest one on his crew was 25 and he was called "Pops". Sometimes we forget that these young men who fought so valiantly were so young. How grateful I am for their willingness and even their eagerness to serve their country. We owe such a debt of gratitude to these men and women.
The kids thoroughly enjoyed the day. Jackie's boys were all in their bomber jackets that Grandpa got for them. We even added another jacket for Katarina, this one in pink. Somehow I did not get a picture of this on my camera. Kayden LOVES the Blue Angels and was thrilled to see a Blue Angels jet out in front of the museum. We even got to see the Spruce Goose. That plane is amazingly big.
I am so thankful that we have all the kids close at this time. We have many opportunities to get together and do fun things. What a fun day!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's About Time

Wow, I have been horrible at keeping my blog updated. Rather than bore everyone with all that has happened, let's just say that I spent 8 months as the 1st Counselor in a Relief Society Presidency. Relief Society is a women's organization in our church. It was a HUGE responsibility that was multiplied by a president who Home Schools her 4 kids and is a foster mom to a severely handicapped girl. The demands on her time at home were very difficult and I became the main person on the forefront. It was difficult and VERY time consuming. But I was suddenly released when the Stake called me as the new director of the Nativity Festival. Every year our church does a HUGE display of Nativities. This is a community event complete with themes and decorations, concerts and small live musical performances going on during the display. There is a children's craft area and puppet show. They have a luncheon for "people of influence" and people who host and security. It takes a full week of full time work just to set it up. The event currently runs for 3 days but they are considering expanding it. I am overwhelmed but I am surrounding myself with very competent people.
Meanwhile at home our newest granddaughter was blessed. She is Elyssa Marie and was born a the beginning of January. She is big and healthy and is growing every day. She now smiles and coos and we are really enjoying her. Her older sister, Katarina is a great big sister. Recently they went to the sheep barns where a good friend snapped a picture of her in her frog hat. I love the picture because it captures Katarina's personality!!
There will be more pictures soon as spring break is fast approaching. Reed and I will head to Utah for a quick visit with Tom and Niki. Then the grandkids will be here. After that Reed and I will be heading for Hawaii! We will be taking our very first cruise (thanks to Lura!!). I am soooo excited.