Thursday, January 13, 2011

Updates Part 1

I had such good intentions! I was going to blog all through Christmas with all the fun things we were doing. That didn't happen and so I thought I would blog about our new grand baby but she didn't come. So at last here is the beginning of updates. There will be plenty of pictures to follow. Right now, Reed and I are back east at the beach house. Reed has meetings all day Saturday. We planned to come back for a full week, but have changed plans and will be returning early. But we are here for a few days to get some things done and attend meetings. Hopefully we will be able to plan a get away later to relax and do something together! This morning was a very COLD walk on the beach. It is always so different to see how deserted it is in the winter. In the summer it is literally wall to wall people. Winter is empty and everything is closed up. Today is adjusting to time difference and getting repairs done at the beach house. Tomorrow, who knows!! But right now there is a fire in the fire place and the sun is shining even if it is only 29 outside! The wind makes it feel like 18 but inside feels nice!