Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mindless Ramblings

It's kind of a lonely week with Reed out of town. I have had plenty to keep me busy and I find that I feel guilty if I just sit for a few minutes, unless of course I am watching TV, but then I am trying to crochet. Is there something wrong with me? Meals are the loneliest. Either I don't want to cook for just one, or I am not particularly hungry. I can't think of anything good to eat, but I don't want to drive into town to get something to eat either. Reed has been making me jealous by describing all of the good food that he is eating on his business trip. Of course I wouldn't like it since it has either been Thai food or Jamacain. Both of which are spicey and/or involve curry. Not my cup of tea. But I am eating pot pies and left over spaghetti. Thrillsville!!

I am looking forward to next week when everyone starts arriving. Jackie and the boys will come down on Monday. Jessica and Megan will come sometime on Wednesday along with Zach and Jace. My dad and his wife will come Thanksgiving Day. Jayme and Virginia will be with her family but will join us on Friday and/or Saturday. Saturday will find us all around the TV rooting for our Beavers. I have decided that we are quite the Beaver family. During the game, Josh calls either for an update or to celebrate. Jackie and Zach text or send pictures of their kids in Beaver apparel, cheering!! Jessica checks in along with Jayme. It is getting exciting as we watch the Beavers see if they can make it to the Rose Bowl!!!

Here is a Wordless Wednesday picture that has popped up when my computer goes to screen saver!!