Friday, November 16, 2007

What to do after a Cortisone injection!!

So I had another trip to see the knee Dr. this week. Basically, the knee is gone and it is time for me to see about getting it replaced. I am being sent to a knee replacement specialist. We will see what happens from there.
At the Dr., since I was in so much pain, he gave me another cortisone injection. The knee feels better, not great, but at least I can walk and be on my feet and then load up with pain meds and ice packs at night! So, what would you do? I decided to paint the bathroom. Might as well get it done before the knee gets really bad again. The last injection only lasted 3 months, so I figured I better hurry and get this done before I was laid up for a LONG time!!

Here are some pictures. Jessica made the pretty swag that hangs over the lights and mirror!

I have also included a picture of my "Gratitude Tree". We made these in YW. Basically the idea was to come up with people you were grateful for and acknowledge them in some way. These names were hung on our tree and each week, we send one of these people a note, or do something special for them. This passed off a value experience in YW and Jackie wanted to see it for her Activity Days.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Halloween Fun!

Halloween is lots of fun even as you get older. Of course, having grandkids certainly makes it more enjoyable. We loved having Keegan and Kayden here to go trick or treating. But first we had to carve our own pumpkins. Reed takes his carving very seriously. Can you guess which pumpkin belongs to Reed, Peggy and Josh? These were even home grown pumpkins, hence they were still green!! But they are still hanging around. Don't you just love fall weather?

I have also included a few pictures from another trip to the coast. I know we are really obsessed with the coast. But I have a really funny story about this last trip. Everyone went. We were actually heading to the outlet malls to do some shopping. We even took the dog!! He is not the best traveler and many times will get car sick. This was one time we were very grateful. For his birthday his litter sister (who is owned by some friends) gave him a rawhide bone. Now he has had these in the past, but I tend to give them in the house where I can keep track of things. Well Riley received this one outside and promptly ran off and it disappeared, or so I thought. Anyway, we go to the coast and the poor dog lost it after Eddyville. We made a quick stop at my sister's place to clean up the mess and lo and behold, the dog had thrown up an entire rawhide bone, WHOLE! I know this is gross, but I can understand how he got it up after it sat in his stomach for at least a week, it was soft. But how the heck did he swallow that huge thing whole?