Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heading For Home

We have had 3 really fun weeks back here on the east coast. We have spent the last few days with Reed's sister in Bethesda. Today as we get ready to leave it is snowing and so pretty outside. Reed has struggled at times feeling like he should be doing more. Of course, there was work he could have done that he never really got around to. We are headed back home and taking Reed's dad with us. He will spend February with us in Oregon and then meet up with his wife in Utah for a week. We are excited to have him with us for a while.

Here are some fun photos of our last little while here!
This is the boardwalk in OC. It was about 26 degrees and blowing about 15-20 miles an hour. They have an amusement park on the pier (closed for the winter)!
This is the boardwalk at Bethany from the beach side. This is the path from the beach to the board walk. Fun, huh?

One of the questions we always discuss is that when you look at these beaches, during the summer there are hundreds to thousands of people who are on the beach. But there is only 1 bathroom. It makes you very thankful we have a private beach. I thought this sign was funny. There was more to the story, but I think it speaks volumes!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

We only had a couple of days of the really bitter cold where it got down to about 8-10 at night and warmed up only to about 20. It was really interesting to see the waves freeze on the sand. the wind chill was taking it down to 5 degrees and lower. We have been taking long walks on the beach and walking to town and looking at the damage to the new dune in Bethany. The boardwalk has all these new walkways over the new dune and down to the beach but the erosion has just left a drop off and they have had to close most of them. AHHH taxpayers money at work!!

What does Reed do when he is bored in the winter at the beach? Why get together with Buz and use his new book - Backyard Balistics - and make a potato gun. One problem, with all the cold weather it would not shoot very well. The hairspray would immediatley condense and liquify. So the obvious solution was to stay in the house and open the window and shoot over the dune. Jill and I were the ones sent up on the dune to measure the distance. We were all laughing so hard. We were able to shoot from the house, over the dune and almost to the high water line of the tide! I had the longest shot yet. Of course I have only been allowed to shoot once and the wind was not blowing when I shot!

Sunday night it started snowing. You don't get much snow at the beach, but it was fun to wake up this morning to a dusting and snow ON the beach! Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter At The Beach

Reed and I are back at the beach house. He has a professional meeting to attend and we thought we would help out with his Dad. Well the meeting is on here - literally here as in the beach house. When they set the schedule for the long range planning meeting of officers (Reed is one) they did not realize that they planned on the weekend before innauguration. No hotel rooms, outlandish rates and what not. Reed offered the beach house as a place to hold the meeting with hotel rates down here much more resonable - off season!

So here we are - Reed's dad is NOT with us. He is recovering from a very minor surgery and had Dr. appt. so we will take him back home with us when we go and have him stay with us for about a month.

This is what the beach is like in January!! No one around. Imagine wall to wall people during the summer. Kind of fun, but much COLDER! I am bundled up, but the really cold weather has not even hit yet. Tonight and tomorrow we will be in the low teens to low 20's. Add in the wind and it will be something.

I have been walking almost everyday. Sometimes without the boot!! Won't my physical therapist be excited. (I am not supposed to be doing it, but hey they don't think it will get better anyway, so why not!)