Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Ups and Downs of Life

The roller coaster ride has continued into the new year.  I have just recently returned from spending 2 weeks with Jackie and her family.  My sweet daughter just endured a rare form of an ectopic pregnancy.  This was embedded in the neck of her womb and into her c-section scar.  There was no chance of survival for this tiny baby and Jackie's life was in serious danger.  If she started to bleed at all, we had to act very quickly.  My heart ached for what she had to go through after trying for over a year to get pregnant for one last time.  She finally responded to the drugs (it took 2 rounds) and endured blood tests and ultrasounds every other day but the hormone levels have finally dropped.  I am grateful that I am in a situation where I could drop everything and get to  her home quickly to be of help.  I am grateful for a loving ward (that they have only been in for 6 months) that responded so quickly.  By the time I arrive just a few hours after getting the text from her husband, meals had been arranged for the week, multitudes of prayers were being offered in her behalf, a fast was called for, offers for childcare had appeared and a tender call from a bishop to check on me as her mother.  That and the realization that previous miscarriages and problems had provided a history of early ultrasounds (much earlier than normal) and a response to a little bleeding that caught this early and saved Jackie's life.  If she had felt symptoms it would have been too late.  For now we mourn the loss but are thankful for healthy outcomes and pray that the opportunity to bring another one into their family will happen at some future date.