Friday, September 17, 2010

This Is What I Have Been Up To

I know, I know. I left you hanging about my trip back east. We had LOTS of fun. We had opted to not take the Wii this year and I am so glad we did that. The TV was hardly turned on and we spent lots of time out of doors, riding bikes, walking, using the strollers, and playing mini golf. I will get around to posting pictures some time. But in the mean time, this is why I have neglected the blog so much. This project started before we headed back east and still continues today. At one time while the house was torn apart, I had 17 people sleeping at my house!!
We decided that we needed to reside our house. We have battled leaking windows for a couple of years and tried a number of fixes and solutions. We had even had to do a repair in our bedroom due to a rotting floor. It all pointed to problems with our siding. Our house used to have vinyl siding. NOT GOOD!! Over time, water had gotten behind the vinyl and was trapped next to the house. As they tore off siding we found the rot had gone through the 1 inch cedar that was still on the house, the plywood and into the studs. There were even snakes living in the wall. Gross, I know!! In some places we replaced windows with sliding glass doors. We tore apart a wall that had no insulation, just concrete retaining wall and wallboard. We put hardiplank siding on (a cement composite siding) that is a combination of planks, cedar looking shingles and scallops. I LOVE THE LOOK.

We are still working on the inside. Right at this moment we are tiling the laundry, hall and bathroom area downstairs. New carpet has been ordered and will be installed within a month. I still have painting to do. I wrote Josh and asked him what color he would like his room to be. He replied that I should leave it blue because he knew I would never go with red which was what he wanted. Won't he be surprised when he comes home and finds that I am actually painting one wall in his room red. This is a HUGE break for me, but my girls have banned the colors of pink or blue downstairs. They are my favorite colors and I do tend to over do it!!

Enjoy the pictures.