Sunday, June 14, 2009

Guess Who Had A Birthday!

Keegan turned 5 years old today!! Wow, how that little man has grown! Keegan arrived 5 years ago in Rexburg, ID. I was blessed to be there. I found out that watching your daughter go through labor was NOT a fun thing. Jackie ended up having a C-section, which was not her first choice, but we have all adjusted to birth this way for her. I loved the hospital in Rexburg. As Jackie and Zach were whisked off to the operating room, I was escorted into the newborn nursery. I was prepped and gowned and got to watch from a window in the nursery. After Keegan was born, he was handed through the window to Grandma's arms. I got to hold him while Dad stayed with Mom. When Mom was okay, Zach joined me in the nursery to help clean Keegan up and have him weighed and measured. I loved that the hospital let Grandma play a role and allowed me to be right there. That has not been the case here in Oregon.

We celebrated Keegan's birthday here at our house on Saturday. We had a big family dinner in our favorite Mexican restaurant (Thank goodness Keegan changed his mind from McDonald's at the last minute!!). Keegan did not want to wear the big sombrero!
Keegan with his Dad and his Uncle Jace. What a bunch of cheese faces!

The cake was a community effort. Kayden got into the act. We had so much fun!! Happy Birthday Keegan. You have brought so much joy, wonder and just plain fun into our lives. We love you very much!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


What a week it has been. I find that my heart is very full. We had a wonderful opportunity to be surrounded by family as Josh spoke in church. A non-member friend of one of our relatives was there and was very touched by Josh and his sincerity. She told me afterwards that she felt that she was supposed to be there. We had a BBQ following our church, where even my sister Suzie was able to come and visit. She gets very tired, but it was so good to see her here and have her be a part of our celebration.

Early the next morning we headed for Salt Lake City. We stayed in Park City and had breakfast with Reed's brother and his family before heading down to SLC to go to the temple. What a GREAT experience we had there. Josh was very touched by the spirit and loved the beautiful building. We all felt such a wonderful closeness to our pioneers and their great sacrifice to bring about such a beautiful place. We were moved to tears as we thought of loved ones who have gone on and the closeness we feel as a forever family. Later we visited with Norma (our foster daughter from CA) and her cute girls. I had made each of them an afghan for their birthdays and it was fun to watch them choose which one they wanted!!

The next morning Reed gave Josh a beautiful, tender Father's Blessing. We knew that our goodbyes needed to be done that morning, since we would literally be dropping Josh off. The MTC has had a flu outbreak and they are trying to minimize it and keep it from spreading. Goodbyes were done at the curb and then missionaries were ushered inside. For Josh it was better. He hates goodbyes. We took Reed's dad along since he was visiting in Utah. I flew home that night, while Reed went on to Montana for professional meetings.

Here at home, I have Jackie and her boys. Jayme and Virginia are out here a lot too and so the house is filled with the chaos of little children. Keegan (Jackie's 5 year old) reads to me like an adult and he hasn't even started kindergarten yet. Kayden (her second) has begun to cuddle with me and will run to me with arms outstretched. It is such a tender thing for my heart. I love it. Katarina (Jayme's little girl) lights up with the biggest smile when she sees me. Oh how I love being a grandma!!!

We have had our first letter from Josh in the MTC and he is doing so good. He was made a District Leader and so he is working hard to fulfill his responsibilities. Wow, how quickly they grow! Poor Jackie has contracted poison oak and is climbing the wall. This poor kid is so susceptible to it. We need to contact the Dr. since she is pregnant to find out if anything can be done.

I am so grateful for my wonderful family. I feel such love for them. We will be celebrating Keegan's birthday this weekend. He will be 5. How fast time flies!