Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas is Coming!!

After our wonderful surprise from Jayme and Virginia for Thanksgiving, we spent the next week with Jackie and the boys staying with us while they had bad colds. Jayme and Virginia surprised us by showing up Thanksgiving morning. We loved having them. We finally got the decorations up. I love the new entertainment center. It has lots of room for displaying my creches (nativity scenes). I love putting up my decorations. Now I need to get the downstairs decorated. Jess and I will head out tomorrow to look for a tree, in between appointments.

Josh heads for the orthopedic Dr. tomorrow. He has horrible grinding in his knee and will probably need surgery. Better to get it done now, before he heads off for college and then a mission. I am beginning to think that something with knees runs in the family! I will head for my specialist in Salem next week. There may be a new knee for me in the next year!

We took everyone to see a Trans Siberian Ochestra concert this last weekend. What a great time. Reed absolutely loves their music. I took him last year for his birthday. This year we took Jackie and Zach and Jessica and Josh. Jessica and Josh had never been before. It was fun to watch Josh during the concert. He was facinated watching them play. I am sure our basement will be rocking as Josh tries to gain inspiration from this band.

We are so happy that the Beavers won. Especially that Josh won his friendly bet with Justin. Josh has been growing his hair out since summer. If the Beavers lost against the Ducks, he was going to have to dye his hair black. Since the Beavers won, Justin had to color his hair orange!!! And Josh got to get his hair cut. Note the before and after photos!!