Friday, December 26, 2008

Shepherds's Watching Their Flocks

I have so many cute Christmas pictures, that I need to just start posting so that you can see some of them. This picture was taken at our ward Christmas party, where we dressed up and had dinner at a market place in Bethlehem. It is so fun, because everyone dresses up and we sit on the floor and eat. Jackie's boys were so cute as shepherds!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Children Were Snug in Their Beds!?!

Well, maybe it wasn't THEIR beds. The critters and the kids have had a hard time deciding whose bed they wanted to be snugged in. Mushu somhow prefers a hard basket to her soft bed. What can I say, she is a cat. Kayden, however, loves the dog bed and has since he was little. I just finally caught him in it. I would love it if Riley would get in there with him, but since the dog is not fond of sharing his bed, it probably won't happen. Hey, at least the boys love their dog-dog.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We had our first ever Glasmann Thanksgiving in our new kitchen this year. In the past we have joined with my extended family for Thanksgiving. This is a carry over from all the years of Christmas Tree harvest that was always in full swing during the Thanksgiving holiday. This year, with all my children but Josh close at hand, we decided to have our own Thanksgiving. We were joined by Zach's brother, Jace who is an honorary member of our family, and Megan join us. The house was full and we had a GREAT time. My dad and Maxine also joined us, with Maxine furnishing the great pumpkin pie. It was fun to cook the WHOLE dinner, unlike previous years where you just do a part. We spent the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, making rolls and pies and had a lot of fun working all together. The roll recipe needed tweeking and by batch 5 we had it down perfect.

Kayden even snuggled with Grandma in her chair, not something he does very often. Then daddy showed the boys how to do a headstand. First Keegan tried it, then Kayden joined the fun. I laughed so hard watching the boys try it

Then we had our own brand of excitement as Jayme and Virginia had a scare. Virginia almost bled to death, after hemmoraghing on the way home from Astoria. The Dr.'s had a hard time stopping the bleeding and we spent the night not knowing if she would have to have a hysterectomy. Grandma and Grandpa took Katie for the night and next day and then had Jayme and Virginia come to our house for the next couple of days before heading home to manage on their own. Grandpa got some much loved snuggle time with Katie. We are so thankful that everything is fine now and that Mom is recovering and finally beginning to get her energy back.
We have much to be thankful for!! Can't wait for everyone to arrive for Christmas!