Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Life's Little Twists and Turns

Life never provides a dull moment. Just when you think things are on an even keel, you are thrown for all life's little twists and turns. I am currently writing this from Utah. I came out on short notice to help with Reed's dad who suffered a moderate stroke last week. I am also here to help Tommy's (Reed's brother) family as they have a young family and this is where Jay is staying. I have the day duty, Tommy, bless his heart has night duty. While Jay was in the hospital they found that he had pretty severe sleep apnea. Monday night he went in for the test and he most definitely has that problem. However, he could not handle the big pressure mask. Jay suffers from Alzhimers and is blind, so all this presents different problems. We have managed to get him to wear oxygen most of the time at night, but not always. Meanwhile, Jay's wife is trying to take care of her mother, who is in her 90's and is not doing so good. Unfortunately, Jay's wife ended up in the hospital with chest pains. She is feeling much better now and we are waiting to hear if she was sent home. We are also waiting to hear if her mother is all right.
So, I am in Utah trying to help however I can. I have been soundly beat by a 5 year old at Wii Mario Bros. I have helped the 8 year old make some crafts and practice her reading. I helped the 13 year old with her Spanish homework and stayed up with the 15 year old whole she finished her biology project. I've been to the track to watch the 2 older kids throw javeline and discus. I have tried to hold down the fort while mom and dad shuttle kids to practices, lessons and schools. Don't you just love that time when you have 4 kids in 4 different schools? I've tried to be the peacemaker and to help others see the other side of the picture and played fireman in hot debates, trying to put out fires and keep things calm.
Jay is doing pretty good. He has listened to lots of Lous L'Amore books and had LOTS of phone calls. It has been pretty to see a little bit of winter since it seems to have skipped us in Oregon. But, alas, while I am gone it has turned cold with snow/hail/sleet and rain!! I will be home soon, ready to walk again (I hope!) and spend some time with my hubby before I return to Utah again for Sara's baptism!
Life keeps me hopping!!