Sunday, September 23, 2007

We Have Arrived

This is Reed playing with his new toy and wave master. It is a cross between an ocean kayak and a surfboard!
The All-American boat driver!

Well, after spending time looking at other people's blog spots and lots of encouragement from my girls, Reed and I have finally decided to try our own blog.

It has been a crazy summer. It started with double knee surgery for Peggy at the end of May. Both knees were scoped. It was the second time for the right knee and it will be the final one for the right knee since the Dr. said it is pretty much gone and the next time it will need to be replaced! Oh fun!! This was followed by Jackie having her second baby five weeks later. Soon after that we headed for Utah for an extended family reunion on Reed's side. It took place on the South Fork of the Ogden River. Lots of family, tubing and river time. Reed and I used the camper as our place of residence and we were very comfortable! All of Reed's siblings came and it was lots of fun to be with his whole family. Peggy stayed after the reunions to help Jessica pack and clean and move home for her next adventure whatever it may be. Reed's Dad arrived a few days later and after Peggy worked with the high school registration it was off the the beach house in Delaware! Finally a REAL vacation! We returned home to the start of school and Josh in his senior year. But lest we get settled in, Jackie moved from her apartment to a townhouse and so Jessica and Peggy spent 3 days packing and cleaning again!

Keegan safely nestled between mom and Grandma!

This has put Peggy in the mode to clean and organize which is driving Reed right up the wall! Oh well, we are finally starting to move on the remodel of the kitchen. We will keep you updated as that happens, if it happens! Someday I hope to get to a "normal" or "regular" routine!