Friday, May 16, 2008

I've Been Tagged X2

Okay, okay. I have been tagged twice so I guess I better respond! Here goes the one for Megan: Ato Z
A: Attached or Single: Happily attached for 31 years!!
B: Best Friend: Reed
C: Cake or Pie: Oh, that is a toss up. Cake if it is chocolate and pie if it is chocolate chip!
D: Day of Week. All depends on the week, but mostly Saturday
E: Essential item: Make up. Gotta have it!
F: Favorite color: Pink, blue and lavender
G: Greatest Accomplishment: Being a mom - and all that that entails!
H: Hometown: Corvallis
I: Indulgences: Chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Shopping for me!
J: January or July: It's a toss up because I love snow, but probably July, I love the beach.
K: Kids: 4 of my own, plus a foster daughter
L: Life is incomplete without: what else - my family
M: Marriage date: March 19th ( yes Reed, not the 22nd or 25th)
N: Number of siblings: 5 all sisters
O: Oranges or Apples: definitely apples
P: Phobias: My head under the water
Q: Quotes: There are so many: "That is a movie too much" (for A Bridge to Far), Are you taking me out? (usually directed to my husband at various times throughout the month!), and "That is so gross" (again usually directed towards my husband!)
R: Reason to smile: Reed, grandkids, sunshine, I can lift my leg!
S: Season: Christmas and summer
T: Tag five friends: Do I have five friends? Jayme (Ha, see if you do it), Jodie, Jessica, Katie, and Ollie (no recipes!)
U: Unknown fact about me: I am really very shy! I have a healthy fear of the water
V: Very Favorite Store: Which ever one has the clothes I like!
W: Worst Habit: Ummm, I don't know!
X: Xray or Ultra sound: Probably ultra sound, but it's a toss up
Y: Your favorite food: Ice cream, specifically Tillamook chocolate peanut butter
Z: Zodiac: Capricorn

There you have it, more than you ever wanted to know about me.