Friday, June 6, 2008

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

One of my favorite things is to get telephone calls from my grandkids. What a thrill to hear their little voices on the phone. Keegan can get so excited and talks so fast that often I need an interpreter to get the whole conversation.

The other day I got a call that just made my day. Norma's oldest daughter, Morgan recently turned 11. Wow! I can remember that first week of walking the floor with her as she adjusted to life in the big world. I came home from my initiation into grandmotherhood just exhausted. Well, for the girls birthdays this year I sent them cute swimsuits with matching swim shorts. In the middle of the afternoon, I got a call from Morgan! She was so excited because she had come home to a package from Grandma Peggy!! She told me all about the end of the school year and the parties she had been invited to. One happened to be a pool party and now she had a new swimsuit to wear! It was so fun to talk to her and hear her enthusiasm as she told me all about her plans. She was so happy to have shorts to wear over the swimsuit because she hates just wearing a swim suit by itself. How I know how that feels! Morgan is growing up!

The best part of the call for me was that it was just her. As far as I know, Mom was at work. What a thrill to have your grandchild call you all on her own and to visit with me one on one. We are trying to arrange a visit with just Morgan this summer. The other girls have been promised their own one on one with Grandma when they are old enough. What fun! Anyway, Happy Birthday Morgan. We love you!

Look What the Cat Dragged In

Oh how I wish I had a picture to go with this, but Reed was so efficient that I didn't get a picture in time. It happened a couple of weeks ago. Jackie and family were down for the weekend. Realize that when she comes, the whole house changes. I mean we are talking 2 boys that are about to turn 4 and 1. So obviously noise level, chaos and general bedlam increases. I am not complaining mind you, just trying to get you to picture this in your mind. Well, we have a cat. She is a small, mostly black, flat faced persian. By small, I mean she weighs in at a whopping 8 pounds. Now, add 2 boys and a dog and you begin to see what the cat feels like. Mushu (the cat) tolerates the boys, but she in not fond of children. I don't know if she was trying to bring a peace offering or was letting everyone know just how tough she was, but we walked outside and here she sits with a small rabbit. Now before you get all Bambi on me, you must know that for the sake of tender hearts I will not call them bunnies. But around here, these rabbits are destructive and not loved. They eat the tender new shoots on our trees and do major damage. Being rabbits, they constantly are repopulating around here. At this point in time we need a few evenings of spotlight hunting. I am hoping that the men will take the opportunity as everyone descends on us this weekend, to enjoy some time out in the back of the truck with their shotguns!! Anyway, here sits the cat with a little rabbit. Mushu, only weighing 8 pounds had brought home a rabbit that had to have weighed about 4 or 5 pounds. I don't know where she caught it, but I was impressed. Nice gift to find on your doorstep in the morning! In contrast, as Reed and I mowed down at the cabin, Riley, the 75 pound dog was trying to impress us with his mousing skills. He would chase and catch field mice as Reed was mowing down the grass and weeds. Gross, but funny to watch a 75 pound dog pounce and catch a mouse.

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

I have been really bad about updating this blog. Do you ever have times that you create blogs posts in your mind? Somehow mine are not getting from my mind onto the computer. So here it is 2:30am and my mind won't shut off, so I will start a series of blogs that I intended to post, but somehow never got around to doing it. Maybe then I can go to sleep! Realize that by the time you read this, you will have been through some of my posts since everything gets posted that way!