Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

What started out as a small Thanksgiving with just Jessica
turned out to be good sized group. First my dad and Maxine said that they would join us. Next it was Jessica's former roommate, Megan. Then Jackie's family changed plans at the last minute due to weather and they joined us as well. We did a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, with everyone joining in to make it happen. With the economy the way it is we debated roasting our own wild turkey, but as he was about to turn 1, we decided that we liked this little turkey too much. He is so much fun! At the end of the weekend we celebrated his first birthday! I love having my family around. Now we have hit the last 6 months of Josh's mission and are looking forward to talking to him in a few short weeks.

Playing "Doubles Tennis" Wii style!!
Peeling the potatoes!!