Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For Keegan and Kayden

While I am away, I am keeping up with Keegan and Kayden and Katarina, but I miss seeing them all. The neighbor across the street passed away earlier this year and his house sold. It is sad to see the passing of an old family friend. They are currently tearing down the old house so the new owners can build a new one. Soon there will be a HUGE house across the stree from us. That is the way it is in America. Tear it down and build something bigger. I personally like the small, quaint beach houses. Anyway, it is exciting to watch them tear down the house. I have been talking to Kayden and telling him about the big track hoe that is here. So I am posting some pictures for the boys to see. Katarina is probably too small to really appreciate it. Next year honey!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

For Reed

Poor Reed left just as a strong northeaster hit the coast back here in Delaware. Today the waves were perfect. The beach was back to like Reed remembers from his surfing days. So the vidoes are for Reed to see what he missed. I sure miss you honey!
This first one is Jill.

This is Owen surfing.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Take 2

The first time it would not upload the video. Got it now!!

Killer Kayak Waves

We have had a strong Northeast wind blowing for about a week. The waves are 8-10 feet with a few that are larger. Reed was able to get some video of some of the rides and wipeouts. The one above is Buzz. The pictures does not do justice to the size of the wave. On one of the wipeouts, Buzz was headed out and a HUGE wave came. He tried desparately to climb up it, bu the wind caught the end of his kayak and he did a complete flip. On another one, they were out and a big wave came. As Buzz and Jill paddled to get over it, Buzz crested the wave and he and boat were airborn as they came down the other side. Today the winds are even stronger. A tide pool has formed (which only happens on very high tides) and high tide is not for another 2 hours. BIG SURF!!
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